Travel Insurance for people with ITP

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Can I get Travel Insurance if I have ITP?

While planning an overseas trip, I became confused about what my options where for travel insurance.  Can I get travel insurance while I have ITP?

I tried to read through the dense documentation on the insurance website, but that just made me more confused.  There was no information within the documentation about problems with a low platelet count, however, the insurance company seemed to be very concerned about my taking of immune suppressants.

My understanding was that I would not be insured for anything while traveling – Not because I had ITP but because I was taking immune suppressing steroids.

With that reasoning, I could jus stop taking my medication.  I could get travel insurance if I was not being medicated?  Sounds stupid! I am safer on the drugs (apparently)  Should I cancel my trip?

I called the insurance company and spoke to a real person about everything that was confusing me.  I learnt that with my insurance company ‘Teachers Health’, and many others, I would be covered for things such as accidents, car crashes and trees falling on my head.  I would be covered if my bag was stolen or I was mugged in the street.

I would not be covered for any medical expenses directly attributed to having ITP.  It was amazing to just call the company and explain yourself.  It was wonderful to have a real person explain all the details back to me.

‘Will I be covered for a broken leg, even if having ITP will make my broken legs a life threatening injury?’

‘Yes,’ he said.

‘Will I be covered for replacement medication if my bags are stolen, even if I only need to have the medication because I have ITP in the first place?’

‘Yes,’ he said.

‘Will I be covered for spontaneous internal bleeding for no apparent reason?’


The most important thing, he said, was that I was telling the insurance company about my medical condition before I left.  I was registering with them that I had ITP.  He said that if I were to lie about having ITP, then my whole insurance policy would be void.

That means – If I did not tell my insurance company I had ITP before I left and I traveled to Indonesia and had my bag stolen with all my money, passport and identification – Boom – Void!!  I would have received nothing!  Cause I was a liar, and they hate liars.

Will my Medication be Covered while I Travel?

I was surprised and pleased to find out that any medication I needed to take on the trip would be covered by my insurance because it falls under the category of luggage/personal items/possessions.  So if I loose my script or my pills while I am over seas, my travel insurance will cover the cost to replace it in whichever country I am in.  Wonderful.

The best advice when looking for travel insurance that I can give, is to call them and talk to a person.  Offer each insurance company a few examples of potential problems and see what they say.  Since booking my trip, I have had great coverage and service from the Teachers Health Insurance Provider.

Has anyone had more  luck with Travel Insurance from Australia?

Keep reading about TRAVELING WITH ITP.  If you are super worried then you should read about how to manage FEAR WHILE TRAVELING with ITP.


by Meg

Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger. She is an ITP patient and launched ITP&Me in 2011. She is a coffee lover and a try hard dancer. @meghan_brewster

4 thoughts on “Travel Insurance for people with ITP

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    Samantha Partridge says:

    Hi, I regularly travel and have actually been living overseas for the past couple of years and travelling home to Australia for trips as well as around the world. I have found 1 company that does cover it called “Insure And Go” – – they still call it Idiopathic rather than Immuno (for when you look up medical conditions in the screening section). I do it all on line with them. I select it, they ask if I have been hospitalised in the last 12 months for ITP (Nope! YAY!) and I am covered at no extra charge! Something worth checking out 🙂

    Evonne says:

    Hey there. You have done a fantastic job. I have been digging around on your website for ages, after being diagnosed a few months ago, I feel so much better having found your blog. Thanks for writing in such a normal relatable way.

    I’m sure there are many more who will benefited from this website.

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