Your January Detox

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There is something uplifting about the month of January.  For me, it’s full of new diaries, crisp calendars, goals, resolutions, new starts and second chances.  On Instagram, I read a great quote that said 2015 WAS JUST THE WARM UP.  Such a great attitude I think.

Now is the time to set the standard for a brand new year.  If you missed the 1st of January deadline, who cares?  Start today, or start tomorrow.  The important thing is that you start to make a few changes.

Detox from Alcohol.

It creeps in, even when you don’t mean to.  Firstly, and before you do anything else, do not beat yourself up about it.  Remember the pleasure before you beat yourself up about it.  Think about all the delicious treats you enjoyed over the holidays, savour it all and now move on.

I’m not drinking at the moment, for obvious reasons, but I definitely do love drinking a little too much (Whoops).  Lots of people in Australia like to schedule their Alcohol Detox for later in the year, during the middle of Winter when there is not much happening.  Dry July is a great way to spend a month without alcohol.  It can be really easy because lots of people are doing it with you.

If you don’t want to spend your fun Summer Holidays without an ice cold Apple Cider, then think about booking in Dry July now.  If you make the commitment now, it will be harder to back out later.

Detox from Social Media.

Friends on Pinterest with new boyfriends suddenly making Pinterest boards devoted to how much they love fresh cut flowers in vases in the middle of tables, trying to pretend they are not secretly planning their weddings, instead of just making the boards private.

And seeing quotes about how blessed and grateful all your friends are because it is a new year.  Forget about it all.  There are no pictures of them actually doing Yoga on a stand-up paddle board, it is the same image you have seen a thousand times before of one woman, doing it once.

What you might learn if you DO A SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX 


Detox from Complaining

What consumes your mind, will fill your life.  These are wise words to live by.  Complaining is not about being in a bad mood, it’s about focusing on the problem without bothering to think of a solution.  Complaining is when you dwell on problems without moving forward or bitching about things that cannot be changed.

If the holidays put you in a bit of a stress, or you simply don’t realise how much you complain, then what about a little detox from complaining (or being negative and whiny)


Detox from Buying Things

I spent way too much money over Christmas.  I don’t feel bad about it, I wanted to.  I love buying presents and giving them to people, it’s all part of the holiday fun for me.  But I make sure to balance my spending.  In January, I like to spend as little as possible to make up for my pre-Christmas splurge.  January is about exercising, eating healthy, catching up with friends and going slow over the summer holidays.

I normally buy a new pair of swimmers and a big bottle of sunscreen and that’s it for the month.

Take the SHOPPING DETOX for one month here.



Just Breathe

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Feature image from THEBERRY

Calm Breathing

Controlled breathing can cause physiological changes that include lowered blood pressure and heart rate, a reduced levels of stress hormones in the blood, reduced lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue, balanced levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, improved immune system functioning, increased physical energy and an increase in feelings of calm and wellbeing.

Breathing as Meditation

Breathing is not a conscious process, it does not need thought and we do not decide to breathe.  It moves in cycles, inhalation, exhalation, one action triggers the other.

It is so subtle that it is easily ignored.  In fact, it is a blessing that we can ignore it, for it would take most of our thought to remember to keep breathing, without this in tune process.  But when you tune into it, and breathe on purpose, with consciousness, it can be the perfect focus for meditation.

The classic image of meditation is a young healthy person seated cross-legged on a mat in a magical environment, arms on their knees, eyes closed and their mind is empty.  This is a misconception.  Meditation does not need to be about sitting for hours emptying your mind.  It can be as simple as focusing on your breath.

Continue reading

Christmas Books

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Feature image from BOOKSHELFPORN

Simple gift ideas for people with ITP and Autoimmune disorders, or perhaps a nice selection for yourself.  These books will make excellent presents and insightful holiday reading.  Enjoy.

ITP and Christmas, gifts for people with ITP, Blood disease itp, itp platelet disease, itp autoimmune diseaseWOMEN AND AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, by Robert G. Lahita

The mysterious ways your body betrays itself. Robert G. Lahita, is the doctor who wrote the textbook on autoimmune disease for medical professionals, as well as a layperson’s book on rheumatoid arthritis.  Here he concentrates here on how autoimmune diseases afflict women, who make up 75% of cases nationwide.

A cutting-edge examination of the mysterious world of autoimmune disease—and the new discoveries made daily that may save women’s lives.  Through case studies, he reveals the early warning signs, symptoms, diagnostic processes, and the most innovative treatments for all the most common—and many of the less well known—autoimmune diseases. He offers a scientifically sound and sensitive work that is the best resource available to help understand these perplexing and debilitating diseases.

Make Peace with your Plate, wellness warrior, ITP, low platelet count, low Platelets, ITP disease, immune system disease, living with itp.MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR PLATE, by Jess Ainscough

Jess tragically passed away in February of this year and while her blog is currently (at the time of writing this post) inactive, there is a lot to be said about her positive message.  Jess Ainscough was a warrior of joy, health, positive body image, following you instincts, nurturing your body, and making peace with food.

Her book is a wonderful read with great recipes and an obtainable message.  Take care of yourself as best you possibly can with as much information as you have at the time. Continue reading

Sleep Apnoea and Autoimmune Disease

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Feature image from KINGWALLS

I have always struggled with sleeping, more specifically, the waking up part.  I had always thought it was a combination of being lazy, doing lots of exercise, and having an autoimmune disorder.  I never dreamed that this whole time, for almost 30 years, I’ve been struggling to sleep, almost choking to death in the night from sleep apnoea.  FU*K!

A recent trip to the dentist confirmed just that.  I had been concerned that my teeth were moving around a little in my mouth.  I was worried I would end up looking like future Lisa Simpson if she never got braces.  I verbalised my concern to the dentist, asking if there was some sort of mouth plate I could wear while I slept.  I told him my jaw and cheeks often hurt a lot when I woke up and I was worried I was clenching my jaw or something.

Three weeks later, one overnight sleep study and a long look inside my mouth and ears confirmed that I had been struggling with mild sleep apnoea for probably my whole life. Continue reading

Book Review; Wish by Spirit

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Feature image from ITPANDME and COVER

Joan Young’s life dramatically changed when she was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenia.  After an overwhelming response to a website she created, Joan eventually founded the Platelet Disorder Support Association or PDSA.  The PDSA has been running since 1997, and this organization now reaches out to blood disorder patients in over 130 countries.

WISH BY SPIRIT is the story of her journey.  From the very beginning, the reader knows that this is a story of healing.  I began reading this book knowing that there was a secret waiting for me at the end of the book.

A long time has passed since Young came through her battle with ITP, and many things have changed since then.  Treatments, attitudes, knowledge and understanding have all developed to help western and alternative practitioners treat patients with ITP together.

The Introduction to WISH BY SPIRIT is quite engrossing.  It’s clear from the start that Joan is a great writer.  I loved reading the conversation she had with her doctor where all the radical treatments were discussed and decided on before Joan had a moment to understand the disease she had. Continue reading

H. Pylori and Chronic ITP

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Feature image from ITPANDME

Comments about people with ITP and H. PYLORI infections are popping up all over the place.  HEREHERE & HERE.  In each case, people with ITP have seen an increase in their platelet counts after being treated for a Helicobacter Pylori infection.

What is a Helicobacter Pylori infection?

H.Pylori is a gut infection.  It is difficult to discover and treat, as H. Pylori burrow into the digestive mucosal lining and hide itself.  For the immune system to attack an infection of H. Pylori, the immune system needs to start destroying your stomach lining to get to it.  Grose hey?  This causes the immune system to be chronically active and overworked.  Perhaps the first step in a chain reaction that can cause the immune system to target the body.

What are the symptoms of H.Pylori infection?  Most people will have no symptoms at all.  A few patients may eventually present with a peptic ulcer.  An even smaller amount of patients with H. Pylori may end up with stomach Cancer.  Others may simply have indigestion, bloating or other symptoms of stomach inflammation.  Or no symptoms at all. Continue reading