ITP Awareness Day Cup Cakes

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As you already know, tomorrow is International ITP Awareness Day!

Yay for the 26th of September.

Earlier today (While I was searching for a spleen shaped pinata on Pinterest – Which I will have to make myself, as it does not exist) I found this amazing idea from the International Red Cross Website.  Inspired by the cup cakes that were made for blood donors, I decided to put an ITP spin on them by adding a few small white platelets to the decorations.

The actual cup cakes here are irrelevant.  You can use any kind of cup cake recipe or flavour that you like – really these are all about the decorations on top.  I used a vanilla cake with vanilla icing so that I could colour it red easily.

ITP Awareness Day, ITP, low platelet count, low Platelets, ITP disease, immune system disease, living with itpThe Red Blood Cells

1. Roll Out the Soft Icing – If you can’t buy ready-mixed red icing from the supermarket or grocery store, you can still use white icing, just be aware that you will be mixing white with red and the icing tends to go pink – not the nice dark red you hoped for.  Mine are a bit pinker than I wanted but I ran out of red food dye.

2. Cut Small Circles – Keep your red blood cells nice and small.  If you don’t have a icing tool small enough, try the lid of a small bottle or the smaller opening of a funnel. Continue reading

Paleo – Week Two

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This week I am feeling a dramatic increase in overall energy.  I wonder if it is a placebo – Perhaps I just feel better because I feel in control of my diet and have found new inspiration for food and ingredients.  Time will tell.

I am feeling more confident to tell friends and family that I am eating Paleo.  I am ordering different foods at cafes and I am asking more questions.  They are interested, so excited, others defensive about my choices.  I am enjoying discussing it with friends and family, and laughing at how many times I have been told, that you simply can’t do that.

At the end of week two eating paleo, my skin is starting to clear up.  Pimples are disappearing and black heads are shrinking. Continue reading