Your Hair Has Changed, Brush of Comb?

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The immune suppressants, corticosteriods and chemical therapy used to treat ITP is doing damage to your body, that is the point.  It is meant to effect your body.

Your hair will most likely become fragile, break easily, dry out faster, hang limply and look pretty crappy.  This is a fact.  This is because taking corticosteroids including prednisone puts you body in a heightened state of stress which draws energy away from non essential body functions, such as hair growth.  Your skin and nails will also suffer because of this medication.

Below are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you hair is in the best condition, as you undergo treatment for your Autoimmune Disorder.  Taking steroids seriously damages and depletes the quality, strength and length of you hair.

Combing Vs Brushing

When should you Brush?  When should you Comb?  Should you be BRUSHING OR COMBING your hair?  Do you know the difference between brushing and combing your hair?

A comb performs three functions for your hair.  Combing your hair is for detangling, styling and separating pieces of hair.  Use a comb when you need to detangle, style and part your hair.

Brushing your hair is a means of cleaning it, and keeping it healthy.  Brushing your hair removes dust and fibres as well as stimulating your scalp.  Brushing your hair using a boar hair brush keeps your hair healthy, shiny, and clean.  Brushing your hair moves and massages the naturally accuring oil Sebum.

Another way to remember the difference between brushing and combing your hair is to think about the time of the day.  Pick up your comb in the morning to comb  and style, and detangle your hair and grab your brush at night time, for some pre-sleeping hair care cleaning brushing styles.

How to Brush your Hair

The best way ever to brush your hair is to use a BOAR HAIR bristle brush.   The boar hair bristles are packed so tightly together that the hair is actually smoothed and cleaned as you brush it.  The tight bristles remove dust, lint, dried skin and other foreign items from you hair.

When your hair is cleaner, it actually looks better, because it is all shiny and smooth.  The boar hairs are smooth at the end, and while your brushing the hairs massage you scalp and stimulates the oil production in your skin.  Slowly brushing over and over will and evenly distribute the natural oil from your stimulated scalp down the hair shaft, moisturising the whole strand.

With this in mind, be very mindful of how you brush.

  • Make sure your hair is dry and detangled before you start.
  • Divide the hair into small sections on your scalp and work with just a small amount of hair at a time.
  • Start at the end of the hair, brushing the tips lightly, moving slowly up the hair strand towards your scalp.
  • Go slowly, and carefully.  Work your way around your head until it is all nice and clean.  Once you get to the scalp, make sure you make plenty of contact with your scalp, massaging all over.

For a deeper, natural moisturising treatment, continue to brush your hair until it becomes noticeably oily.  Braid your hair and leave the oil in overnight.  Wash it out in the morning before you leave the house.

A Boar Hair Brush

You need to get one of these.  And you need to pay money for a good one and make sure it is 100% boar hair.  I use a DeVille BOAR BRISTLE brush by Spornette and it is the best brush I have owned.  It has been with me for a year now and still looks fantastic.  PURCHASE a boar hair brush.

Boar hair bristle brushes are made from all natural ingredients.  This means that your need to take special care of your brush.  Read here to find out how to take care of your Boar Hair Brush.

For the best way to WASH your hair read more here.


Lymphatic Drainage; Moving the moon face?

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One of the worst side effects from taking Prednisone every day is the fact that slowly over time, your face will become round and puffy and slightly dumb looking.  I unfortunately have this exact face.  Starting with the round face I got from my mother, it has gotten considerably worse in the last year two years.  I had heard the words ‘lymphatic drainage’ being used in different circles, but always thought of it more as an indulgence than a beauty remedy.  After a little investigation I started to think that perhaps there is something here for itp sufferers, not just as a means to move the moon face, but also as a flushing out of the lymph System that functions with the spleen

 I felt like I had been tricked . . .

1. So how many of you really knew that your Spleen is part of your lymph system?  Not me.

2. How many people have been told that there Spleen is playing a huge part in their ITP? Me, I was.

3. Could Lymphatic Drainage be more than just a short term beauty therapy?Prednisone, itp, beauty, treatment, symptoms

Because of the changes in my salt retention due to taking Prednisone, I knew that more fluid was being stored on my body.  So perhaps Lymphatic drainage is the answer?  I decided to head down to Ella Bache and check out what this whole thing was all about.  $80 later I am  little confused.

Firstly, I did not notice any aesthetic, physical or emotions changes after my first treatment.  In fact I would go so far as to say I felt worse ( And not in a toxins flushing, about to feel healthy kind of way)  I felt like I had been tricked into getting a really long massage by a woman who had lazy hands and did not want to touch my face, who then charged me twice as much as a massage could cost – But the whole thing wasn’t covered by my health insurance because it is not even classed as medicine.

Overall I still think that eating well, drinking plenty of water and doing regular exercise is the key to looking good.  I am, however keen to hear of anyone that has been using it in relation to their ITP.  I am willing to experiment with more visits if there is a for a good reason.  Any suggestions?  Should I go back?