Pt One – How to Host an ITP Awareness Day

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In the lead up to this years ITP Awareness Day, September 26th (Yes , yes we know it is technically the official day for America not Australia – Don’t be a party pooper!  Australia doesn’t have a day yet ) we are getting a little excited.  ITP and Me have been doing a little bit of party planning and want to share a few helpful tips to make sure you have the best ITP Awareness day EVER!

Firstly, Drinks

What to serve those thirsty guests who have come all the way to your ITP Awareness day party, only to arrive dehydrated and looking for something to sip on as the mingle with your guests?  It is important to always give all your guests a prop or something they can play with while they are in the company of strangers.  It is all about making people feel relaxed and hydrated.

We suggest serving a very dark bloody juice, to get people talking.  After a few experiments in the juice department this one looks like the crowd favourite.  I have written before about the benefits of drinking juice here, Juicing – The Best Explaination and now it is time to put that into practice at your very own ITP awareness a party.

IVIG Beetroot Juice

ITP Awareness Day, itp, itp bruises, bruising easily, hide a bruise, Bruises, Bruise, itp, low platelet countITP Awareness Day juicing

  1. 3 carrots
  2. 3 strawberries
  3. a beetroot
  4. an orange or lemon
  5. ginger to taste

This IVIG Beetroot Juice will actually be very beneficial for any guests who have ITP.  Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and contains minerals that are good for the heart such as magnesium and copper.  Oranges are packed with Vitamin C and you’ll get lots of Vitamin A and K from the Carrots and Beetroots; along with a dash of anti oxidants from the strawberries.  For my favorite juicer, I can’t go past the cold press, slow masticating juicer I have at home.  Yummy!


itp awareness day, ITP Party

  1. bottle of red wine
  2. bottle of lemonade
  3. cup of orange juice
  4. chopped fruit to serve.

Sangria is one of the easiest cocktails you can make for a party and is perfect for lots of guests.  You can make a big batch of it in a jug and let people help themselves.  It is also easy to quickly made a bit more in case you run out, just have the garnish fruit chopping in the fridge and ready to go.


More to come…

Over the next three weeks, we will be posting more handy tips about decorating your house for the party, which fun foods to serve and how to provide some quality entertainment for your ITP Awareness Day.  We may even throw in a few ways that you could raise awareness and perhaps even some money for ITP Awareness.  Stay tuned for Part Two.

Coconut Water – Treat or Treatment?

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Feature image from ITPANDME

As I learn more about the benefits and pleasures of coconut water I will continue to update this page.  But for now… Here is what I know

I started drinking a lot of coconut water in Bali.  It was everywhere, it was tropical, local and guaranteed to be sterile and safe to drink when you saw them open the coconut at your table.  I fell in love with the taste and found them so refreshing.

One day when I was buying coconuts at our local market, a woman who worked where we were staying, came over to speak with me.  She had seen the coconuts in my hand.  Her English was sparse and my Indonesian was non-existent, but she held her hands to her stomach and inclined her head.  With a pained face, she asked me, ‘Your tummy not good?  You have lady time?’

I smiled and shook my head.  My tummy was fine and it was not my ‘lady time’.  She could not understand why I was choosing to drink coconut water for no reason.  To her, it was medicine, to rehydrate the body, to calm the stomach, to relieve menstrual bloating and to give to ill children.

Now that I am back in Australia, I still drink a lot of coconut water, a few each week.  But always fresh from the coconut.  I make sure that I never buy it bottled.  The fresher the coconut water, the better. Once exposed to air and warm temperatures, it rapidly ferments and loses its nutritional value.

Paleo Week 3; Do I deserve a reward?

the paleo diet, itp, pasta

For the past two weeks I have not craved sugar or salt.  I have been eating such clean, nutrient rich foods that I find myself forgetting about salt and sugars.  With gluggy carbs on my plate I no longer need huge amounts of water to digest it, and then salt to make the carbs edible and replace the salts I lost trying to digest it.

Which is why I was blown away in my third week of eating Paleo, when I found myself dreaming of a giant bowl of pasta.  I want it – Wanted it!  I thought I deserved a reward for how well I had done.  I thought that I wanted to eat a giant bowl of pasta. Continue reading