8 Ways to Heal A Bruise (Quickly)

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…And one really dumb way.

Sometimes you just get sick of having bruises. Summer is the ‘Wedding Season’, the ‘Holiday Season’, and the ‘Beach Season’.  The weather is heating up on this side of the globe and the thought of slipping back into a bikini is a reminder of just how many bruises we get.  When I get ready to go out, I walk downstairs and ask my Husband if he can see any of my bruises…

Here are a few ideas to help you heal those bruises quickly and make sure that no one on the beach asks you if you are a professional wrestler.

Number 6 has always worked a treat for me!

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Getting Married with ITP

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A little while ago, I accidentally got engaged.  I am very excited – but I am also worried.  I am worried about the stress of the day and what that might do to my autoimmune disorder.  I am worried about getting worried! Stupid right.

Mostly I am worried that I will get sick before the day and miss some part of it.  Or have my ITP play a part on the wedding day.

So, I am going to do my very best to make sure that my wedding day is ITP proof.  I am going to make sure that everything I can do, will be done, starting with the dress.

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Part One – Choosing the Dress

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I was going to need a long sleeves.  After a dress fitting with blood test bruises, I knew I wanted to cover them up.

The brown red mark of the bruise on my elbow was startling against the Glacial Ice White of the dress.   ‘I’m going to need longer sleeves,’ I told the lady in the shop.

Thank goodness the Kate Middleton made sleeves cool again.

When trying on wedding dresses, the people in the store will ask you the date of your wedding.  This is so that they can get you your dress on time.  What it also means is that you will be trying on dresses that will suit the season of your wedding.

Dresses with long sleeves are Winter dresses.  They are hot.  They will cover up your bruises, but it will be warm.

Part Two – Make up

Make up artist should be able to cover up bruises easily on the day.

This section is about all the over events that will happen before and after the wedding, when there is no professional make up artist.  I am talking about the rehearsal dinner and the recovery breakfast.

Here is a plan for COVERING UP BRUISES using coloured concealers.  It will show you how to match the colour of the bruise to the coloured concealer you need.  Matching the colours is very important for a natural and flawless look.

Part Three – The Stress

We are not just talking about Weddings, we are talking about all kinds of stress.  It is just particularly that Weddings are a strange kind of stressful because everyone gets mad at you when you look stressed out and nobody but you can understand why you are so stressed out – Even people who have been married before.

The best way to manage stress is to get organised

If you don’t want to be stressed then you have to be organised.  ITP is a stress induced autoimmune disease – at least in my case I know it to be directly related to feeling stressed out.

So keep it stress free, or of load your stress onto someone else.  Do what ever you need to do.

  • Make lists – Make a thousand lists of everything you need to do.  Keep a list by your bed and paper in your hand bag.  Write everything down so you do not need to keep it in your head.
  • Emails – Be clear and concise in your emails.  Ask clear questions and offer answers as soon as possible.  Try not to tell people ‘you don’t care,’ or ask strangers to ‘take care of it.’
  • Excel documents – Use these to keep track of guests, their addresses, weather they have RSVP’ed and the gift they gave at the wedding.

Part Four – Managing Everyone Else

Trying to remain calm makes you look stupid.  If you do not get fired up over mistakes, disasters and grooms men breaking their legs – people can see you as an indifferent, cold, apathetic bride who is not worth making a huge effort for.

Make sure those around you know you plans for remaining calm.  Make sure people are not watching you all the time as you make decisions and make sure those around you can handle a little disaster themselves without always coming to you.


My Tips to Not Looking like a Junkie

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So, you have ITP now – Welcome.  What you might not know, is that every now and again you may find that you look a lot like a junkie.  (Unless you are a junkie and then you’ll probably find yourself pissed at me for writing this article).  The distinction between Junkie and ITP patient is pretty dam small.   I don’t have anything against junkies.  They have always got funny stories for me and have brightened the character cast of Orange is the New Black for three great seasons now… I digress.  Looking like a junkie is just another fact of ITP that doctors fail to mention.

Reasons you might look like a junkie are as follows – Track marks – Tired eyes –  Mood swings – Late nights – Nausea – Thin, Fragile Skin – Hallucinations – Liver Damage – Confusion and finally, Paranoia.  Ok, I can’t help with the paranoia.  I find, most of the time when people think everyone is out to get them, it is normally true.  But for the rest of it, there is hope..

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Top Five Corrective Concealers

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A Corrective Concealer or Colour Corrective Concealer is a make up product designed to change the undertones of your skin colour before you apply make up.  The most famous example of colour corrective concealers in action is this image posted by Kim Kardashian on twitter (@KimKardashian) while getting her make up done.

BRUISES - ITP, bruising easily, hide a bruise, Bruises, Bruise, itp, low platelet count,These concealers are a wonderful way to blend in and hide any bruises you might have.  Just covering a blue or purple bruise with a flesh coloured concealer is not enough.  What you want to do is correct the undertones of your skin before you apply any make up at all.  I was a little skeptical at first but they won me over in the end.

I now use colour corrective concealers under and around my eyes, as they tend to be the first places to darken into bruising when my platelets are low.

Check out our guide for matching the colour corrector to the colour of your bruises here.

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Cover up! Different Concealers for Different Bruises

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many strange coloured concealers on the market?

 Well all of those crazy coloured concealers are actually very important.  Each tone is used to cover up and conceal a different shade in your skin.  Why do we care?  Because every bruise needs to be concealed with the right shade of concealer.

Check out our cheat sheet below…

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 3.16.03 PM red bruise1  

Red / Pink Bruises


The first stage of bruise is usually red or pink.  These are very young bruises and probably hurt a lot still.  In this first stage of bruising the best colour concealer is one with a Green base.

The green is opposite red in the colour wheel and will heap to neutralise the pink in the bruise.


Blue Purple bruise 2 PM Blue Purple Bruise 3

Purple / Blue Bruises

A deep or large bruise will turn blue or purple.  These bruises are the most unsightly and the ones you will want to cover up the most.  During this stage in the Bruises’ life it is best to go with a Yellow based concealer, or any concealer with a yellow tint to it.

The yellow colour is opposite purple in the colour wheel and will heap to neutralise the purple/blue in the bruise.  If you are not sure if your concealer has a yellow tint to it – the best way to find out is to hold it next to another concealer to see the difference.


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Yellow / Green Bruises

When your bruise is at the end of it’s life and starting to fade, it will turn yellow or green-ish.  These bruises are the easiest to cover as they are normally quite thin and high under the skin.

During this stage in the bruises’ life it is best to go with a lavender or purple based concealer, or any concealer with a purple tint to it.  Lavender Based concealers for these kinds of bruises are the best.

Lavender Base
Lavender Base
Yellow Base
Yellow Base
Green Base
Green Base

If you are looking for more help on how to cover up your bruises for big events, formals or wedding –

Stay tuned!

If you are interested in this article check out

Top 5 Coloured Concealers to grab from Amazon

A quick note about covering up bruises…

And just for the record – We do not believe in hiding domestic violence (as some people thought we were trying to do)  Domestic violence and the physical signs of domestic abuse are not the shame of the victim but the abuser.  We believe that is it a communities responsibility to not turn away from or hide domestic violence.  If you have found yourself in a less than desirable relationship… there are lovely people who would probably be interested in having a chat with you…. Call 1800 737 732