Book Review; Heartaches and Miracles

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HEARTACHES AND MIRACLES is a recount of Greta Burroughs’s journey with ITP.  It begins with her initial diagnoses of ITP and takes the reader through each of her remissions, each of her treatments and each of her surgeries.  This is not your typical ITP story.

Many of you are probably already familiar with Greta Burroughs.  She is the founder of ITP…IN OUR WORDS, a blog for ITP patients.  This book is her story.  It’s honest and personal, it’s also punctuated with interviews and quotes from other ITP patients which make for a refreshing change of pace between the chapters.

There is a welcome comradery in HEARTACHES AND MIRACLES that I have not often experienced having a rare disease.  I felt like I had actually found somewhere I belonged.

The book gets off to a slow start, beginning with a dedication, a foreward, an introduction and then acknowledgments.  By this time, I was keen to get into the action and wondered if these might not have been better placed at the end of the book. Continue reading