Salt and Prednisone

Salt and Prednisone

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Prednisone may cause sodium (salt) and fluid retention, which can raise blood pressure and contribute to swelling.  The good thing is that, as you reduce the amount of salt you are consuming you will also reduce your taste for the salt and smaller amounts will taste stronger than before.

Fluid Retention

Most of us consume much more salt (sodium chloride) than our body needs. Normally, our kidneys keep our body in balance any excess salt is excreted in the urine. Prednisone causes sodium retention and potassium loss which may lead to fluid retention, weight gain, bloating and low blood potassium levels.   . It may be helpful to add high potassium foods such as bananas, citrus fruits, melons, and tomatoes to your diet.

High Blood Pressure

In some patients, this can cause high blood pressure or worsen a pre-existing condition. We suggest a no-added salt diet and avoidance of highly salted pre-packaged convenience foods.

Be sure that your blood pressure is checked regularly, perhaps every time your platelet count is checked.

Tips and Ideas for Cooking – Use fresh herbs whenever possible – Read food labels – You should be doing this anyway – Don’t add salt to your cooking – Remove the salt shaker from your table – For More help reducing Sodium in your diet, take at look at The Low Sodium Diet – The 101 best foods. It is available on Kindle for $3 AUD – Click here to Purchase

Drink more water.  Your body is retaining a lot more salt with the Pred and therefore will also retain a lot more fluid.  Feeling a bit fat?  Your probably are.  The best thing you can do is to teach you body, through habit that you will not let yourself go thirsty and you body will eventually trust you, knowing that more water is always coming and wont need to keep so much of an emergency store of it over your body.

It is important that you do actually keep up with drinking lots of water and to be reliable and consistent with it – Or your body just wont trust you and will try and solve the problem on its own.

Store your water in steal glass or aluminium bottle in your bag always.  Have a bottle of water at your desk.  Get rid of the plastic and go bpa free.

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