Support Bracelets from PDSA


Silver ITP Awareness Pin from PDSA

Platelet Disorder Support Association.

Every year these guys bring out a new pin in support of ITP patients and their families. This is an older pin that I have seen around for a while.  But you get my point.  Start collecting your pins now and show your support for ITP patients.

Also please support the PDS Association as they do great work for the global ITP and Platelet Disorder community.

It comes with two butterfly clutches to pin on your clothes, tote bag, tie, visor, baseball cap or your conference lanyard.

Start collecting your pins now as each year we will create a new ITP Awareness pin. Look for the new ITP Awareness Pin soon! 1 pin sells for $5 – You can get 5 pins for $22 and 10 pins for $42 – Yay!

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