Spontaneous Remission; An Annotated Bibliography


By Brendan O’Regan & Caryle Hirshberg

A great book to read if you are interested in alternative medicine.
The authors also believe that spontaneous remissions are decreasing in frequency. They feel that this is in part to the use of antibiotics. Again, if a high fever would start the immune system into overdrive, an antibiotic would prevent that action.
There is much to be learned about spontaneous remission and this book is a very good place to start. It’s well researched and documented and you don’t need to be a M.D. or an oncology nurse to understand the information that is presented. I recommend this book highly for those of you interested in spontaneous remission case studies.

The authors do note that a majority of the folks that have a spontaneous remission have had an acute infection with a fever prior to the remission, The theory is that the antibodies are just working “overtime” as it were, to defeat the tumor as well as the infection. This news is not particularly soothing however. Chemotherapy and radiation decreases the body’s immune system, so high fever or an acute infection would be treated very aggressively in a cancer patient.

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