Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer


2.00 out of 5

By Hurom

Hurom masticating juicers are a cold pressing system that extracts 35% more juice that traditional high speed juicers.  It easily processes vegetables and fruits as well as leafy greens, kale, herbs, nuts and soy.  Slow cold press juicers preserve the natural taste and high nutrient content of the products it is juicing.  Because it is a cold process it preserves all the heat sensitive nutrients such as vitamin A and C

It is a very quite juicer with a very long 10 year warranty.

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In a review by Jess Ainscough, she had this to say about the Hurom Slow Juicer

I love this juicer. It sits vertically and compact on your bench, gently grinds your veggies, and produces yummy juice. I think it’s super great value for it’s price. It comes in a few different versions, but they are all great and all affordable.

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    2 out of 5


    Hello Andy,I love your website. It’s very informative. I’ve been looking to get a juicer for a while and have been researching them for quite some time now and using your website for info and reviews. I’m a new juicer and was looking at a centrifugal juicer, specifically the Dash Premium juicer. Are you familiar with this juicer? All the reviews I’ve found on it are very good. I do however love the green juices along with all the others. You mentioned this type of juicer is not best for green vegetables. When you say not as efficient do you mean not as much juice?

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