Paleo – Week Two

eggs, teapot, starting paleo, itp, blood disorders

This week I am feeling a dramatic increase in overall energy.  I wonder if it is a placebo – Perhaps I just feel better because I feel in control of my diet and have found new inspiration for food and ingredients.  Time will tell.

I am feeling more confident to tell friends and family that I am eating Paleo.  I am ordering different foods at cafes and I am asking more questions.  They are interested, so excited, others defensive about my choices.  I am enjoying discussing it with friends and family, and laughing at how many times I have been told, that you simply can’t do that.

At the end of week two eating paleo, my skin is starting to clear up.  Pimples are disappearing and black heads are shrinking.

eggs, teapot, starting paleo, itp, blood disorders
free range eggs from our neighbour

I have a lot more energy and no longer feel really tired or a bit sleepy after eating.  I have not felt ‘full’ in two weeks, but I feel satisfied and sated.

. . . be prepared to have some challenging conversations.

This is one thing that needs to be discussed.  Many people that I have encountered in the last two weeks have been so adamant that what I am doing it wrong.  That they know better; that Paleo is terrible.  I think what you eat is a personal choice and only you can know what is best for you.

It is not wrong, it is just different.  So be prepared to have some funny / challenging conversations.

How have my eating patterns changed?  I don’t feel hungry between meals and have stopped any kind of snacking, apart from sharing tea and nuts with friends.  I spend a lot more time actually ‘cooking’ because everything needs to be made from scratch – But I don’t spend any time making snacks for myself during the day.

I shop more, and I am more interested in the act of shopping.  I am suddenly keen to learn about what is in everything, and ‘find’ new things I can eat.

I am eating more ‘meals’ during the day and I am taking more time with my food.

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