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I’m so happy and proud to be celebrating HOW TO HEAL A BRUISE‘s 1st Birthday. It is one year of the book being out there in the world, and to celebrate I’ve been looking through reviews.

The book is AMAZING! It’s so easy to relate too. I read the titles of the chapters and was positive I hadn’t been through that phase, then after reading it in more detail, the realisation sank in that I had, I just hadn’t realised it.

It is honestly brilliant. Thank you for writing it! I think it will be a massive help to all ITP suffers and their family and friends.

Meghan’s book is filled with all kinds of important information on Immune Thrombocytopenia, even a detailed history of how it was discovered. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ITP or knows someone with this blood disorder. It will change the way you look at the disease and empower you to take a more proactive approach with your health.

“How to Heal a bruise” is a must read for anyone diagnosed with ITP. It should be prescribed by the doctors and as early as possible to avoid feeling terribly alone, disillusioned and helpless

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How to Heal a Bruise is On Sale!

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Bruise, bruising, itp, itp bruises, bruising easily, hide a bruise, bruises, bruises cover up, makeup bruises, low platelet count bruise, , ITP books, ITP book, meghan brewster itp, meghan itp, ITP stories, low platelet books, ITP, how to heal a bruise,To celebrate ITP Awareness Month, HOW TO HEAL A BRUISE on Sale!

ITP AWARENESS MONTH is a chance for people living with ITP, patients and families to come together, learn more about ITP, reflect on their own health and raise month to support ITP services.

KINDLE EDITION for only $5

HARD COPY EDITION for only $15

You can learn more about How to Heal a Bruise by following this LINK.

Exercise During an ITP Pregnancy

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Also with Antiphospholipid Syndrome, you have to exercise like heaps anyway…

First Trimester

  • Ballet – Monday & Wednesday.  I stopped going to Friday class because I was so tired.
  • Yoga – Did a little yoga at home, until I joined a prenatal friendly yoga class on Tueday’s
  • Walking – A wise person told me a very long time ago that if you walk every day of your pregnancy, you will never notice how much the belly weights.  You will be accustomed to walking with the weight of it each day and your body will grow stronger to hold it.  If you stop for just a few days, when you head out to walk, the belly will feel difficult and heavy from the changes.  So with that in mind, I am walking.

Second Trimester

  • Ballet – Just Monday nights for a little while.
  • Yoga – Once a week for an hour and a half.
  • Walking – Almost every day, unless it was raining.

Third Trimester

  • Ballet – twice a week, beginner classes.  Monday and Wednesday.
  • Yoga – Once over the weekend.  there are a couple of classes I can go to that are suitable, so I just fit them in around seeing friends.  I went to a pregnancy yoga class but found it really boring.  All they talked about were babies and everyone’s feelings.  Yawn.
  • Walking – Walking around Sydney a lot.  Walking to friends houses and to go shopping.

Post Baby

  • Ballet
  • Yoga
  • Walking

If you want to try it out – I suggest the GRACEFUL & FIT PREGNANCY BUNDLE from Mary Helen Bowers, if you can’t get to a Ballet class, and are interested in trying it.  I have her other DVD’d to do at home, during ballet breaks.  But I continued going to Ballet classes where my teachers could guide me along.  So I didn’t end up buying the Pregnancy DVD’s in the end.

What was your exercise routine like during your pregnancy?  Did you have people telling you, you couldn’t do this and had to stop doing that?

A Confession From Me; Why I Completely Freaked Out

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This morning I had a freak out.  Not a regular kind of ITP freak out, but a full blown monster freakout.

I thought my blood disorder was going really well.  I had been stable and healthy and happy for a long time. I felt like I was in a good place and that I could relax for a little while.  This is probably what made my freak out even worse!  Here’s what happened.

I woke up this morning, I went to the bathroom and I looked in the mirror. In the corner of my right eye was a blown blood vessel, bright and fresh, staining the corner of my eye with blood.

I did not rationally tell myself that people get blown blood vessels in their eye all the time, from sneezing, bending over, coughing, or for no apparent reason.  I did not behave like a person who has lived with ITP for more than 8 years.

I did not behave like a person who started a website about ITP, to help hundreds of patients a month live calmly and peacefully with their ITP.  Oh No!

Instead, I completely freaked out.  I told myself I was going to die; that overnight I’d been bleeding into my brain, I was convinced platelet count was below 10 and there was nothing that could be done to save my poor life.  I was a goner!

I stood there, staring at my bleeding eye.

My hair was in a big pile on my head, my pajamas were all crumpled and a little smelly.  In the strange dawn light I was sure it was a waste of time going to the hospital.  It seemed like a waste of energy.

I did not want to die in a hospital.  Better to die calmly in my own bed, I told myself.  So I went back into my bedroom and jumped into bed with my husband to die calmly in his arms.  (I kid you not this is actually what I was thinking!!)

As soon as I saw him, I immediately knew I’d over reacted.  My platelet count was 57 last week.  I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t feel sick, I wasn’t going to die.  I went back to the bathroom and looked at my eye again.

The dot of blood was tiny.  I mean tiny!  I felt foolish, paranoid and embarrassed.

So why am I telling you this?

Because living with ITP can be scary – even after 8 years.

Breastfeeding with ITP (Bleeding Nipples)

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Breastfeeding introduction – How it is hard and you need to feel confident and all that.  Strange new feeling like not everyone likes.

My story – I’ve been breastfeeding now (or not breastfeeding) for the last four months – what have I found.  How has the story gone…  What have I learnt and what problems have I faced?

When it gets hard…

Cracked and Bleeding Nipples?
What should I do with a low count?

Need to ask someone about this?

Lactation consultant.

What about women with bleeding disorders.

Taking care of your Nipples –

What could I do to prepare my nipples, take care of them while feeding?

Recipe from another blog about what to rub into your nipples – or perhaps just coconut oil…

So what Causes Blood in Breast Milk?

All of the breastfeeding problems listed below usually end quickly and are not considered serious…
– Cracked broken nipples and nipple blisters can cause blood in breast milk.
Read more on how to identify the cause of your cracked nipples.
– Vascular engorgement: Also called rusty pipe syndrome, due to the rusty color of the milk. This usually occurs immediately after giving birth, a first-time mommy may notice that her expressed milk is orange or pink in color. This is due to the increased blood flow to her breasts, which is needed during the development of the milk producing cells. The blood will usually disappear within a week or so after birth.

Look.  Here’s the thing.  I have breastfed a baby.  It’s a grueling if not some-what beautiful task.  I think there is a lot of romance surrounding breastfeeding to help encourage woman to continue to do it – but let me tell you it’s hard on your body, cuts into sleep time, can keep you awake for 23 hours at a stretch, saps your life and energy from your body, drains you of vitamins and minerals.

Breastfeeding is the important and special – but let’s be honest, it’s not 100% fun – not every single minute.

So when some crazy arsehole online is telling you to set aside time to soak your nipples in a saline solution – Then you’re probably going to tell them to go fuck them self.

Perhaps you might just end up doing nothing, and waiting for your nipples to heal on their own.

Please note: Although bleeding looks scary and blood may sometimes show up in your baby’s bowel motions or vomit, it is not harmful to your baby. It is quite safe for her to keep breastfeeding.


A Transverse Baby

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I know this is a little off the topic of ITP and Bleeding Disorders, but it was something I wanted to write about.  There isn’t much personal information onIine about transverse babies, and a few people keep asking me what it feels like to have a transverse baby, so I will do my best to describe it.

I’m currently at 36 weeks and our baby has been transverse for at least two months.

As this is my first experience with the third trimester, I have nothing to compare to, so for most of the day, everything just feels normal to me.  But I will try and break it down so it makes a little sense for people who are unfamiliar with the feeling of a transverse baby. Continue reading