My tips for moving house

itp, Blood disorder, treatments, help
itp, Blood disorder, treatments, help
the first wave

Before I was diagnosed with itp, in the weeks before I ended up in hospital, I organised to move house.  Moving house is enormous, lets be honest.  It is right up there with getting a divorce and having a loved one pass away, or so they say.  Over a couple of weeks, as I packed, lifted, unpacked, cleaned and rearranged my new place, I started to crash.  My arms where wrecked and covered in bruises, my body was tired and out of sorts, I was frustrated and emotional and not in a good way.  I lost all my energy and in every way fell apart.

Since that move, I have shifted house a few times and learnt a few basic tricks to keep on top of it all.  So what can you do to make sure that moving house does not completely destroy you, sending you backwards when you have been moving forwards for weeks?  How to not end up in hospital. Here is my list of tips.

1 Do not try and do it yourself.  Hire professionals to do all the lifting and moving for you.  They are not only fast but clean and efficient.

2 Have realistic expectations.  What can you really achieve in the amount of time you have?  Be really honest with yourself about this.  I tend to work out how much time I think I will need to move house, then add on like an whole other week.  Problems will always come up.  Plans will change and then suddenly it will be raining.

3 Don’t pack the crap.  Not everything from your old house needs to be packed and moved across.  Use this time as an opportunity to clean and sort and throw away a lot of stuff.  It is best then to start packing a week earlier than you think you need because deciding what to pack and what to chuck takes concentration and sometimes a lot of will power.  So don’t rush it.

4 Pack fast – Unpack slow.  Excitement and anticipation tends to lead people to unpack quite quickly once they are inside the new place.  This is a real kill joy tip, but try to unpack as slowly as you possibly can.  Do it once and get it right the first time, then you wont be moving things and furniture around a few times once you are in.  This constant shifting and unsettling and carry boxes between rooms can take more out of you than you think.

5 Be crazy about the labeling.  Need I say more?

6 Make a plan for you meals.  Packing up the kitchen, can often mean a bit of laziness creeps in, with regards to meals and home cooking.  Don’t use the packed up kitchen as an excuse to just eat out.  Pack the Kitchen last, unpack it first and make a list of every meal that might be eaten in the meantime.  Planning and being prepared for this time will help you stay organised and healthy.

7 Time for exercise.  Moving house is not exercise.  Even though your feel tired, your arms might ache and your falling to sleep where you stand, you still need to maintain your exercise routine.  Being stressed is not a cardio workout.  Exercising will put you in a better mood and keep you feeling sane and normal.

Good luck. X

by Meg

Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger. She is an ITP patient and launched ITP&Me in 2011. She is a coffee lover and a try hard dancer. @meghan_brewster

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