Magnesium Oil Health Spray

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This Christmas I received a gift from Sydney based Kinesiologist Erin Straker, from ACHIEVING BALANCE.  She gave me this magic little bottle of MAGNESIUM OIL Spray.  Knowing I was pregnant, magnesium is a fundamental element in growing and developing healthy stretch mark free skin.

You spray it on your skin.  Magnesium Oil Spray is a transdermal spray traditionally used to slow the ageing process, relieve pain, grow healthy glowing skins, heals discomfort in muscles and joints and promotes health.

Magnesium is rapidly absorbed into the skin and is the most efficient method of restoring magnesium levels.

It is not really an oil at all but a salt solution, but who cares about that.  I have used it almost every day since and love it.

What does Magnesium do in the Body?

Magnesium is a mineral found in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. Magnesium is required for energy production, oxidative phosphorylation (I have no idea what that is, but when I started to research it, I realised it was pretty dam important), and glycolysis (the conversion of glucose).

It increases the release of DHEA, our youth hormone, encourages healthy, glowing skin and supports the repair of damaged skin cells.

This is why I am taking it.  Because I do not want to damage my skin cells while pregnant.  I do not want to end up with long purple lines across my tummy, like I already have over my butt.

Is it helping my skin? Yes.  Do I have belly stretch marks? No.

Magnesium deficiency is a pretty common problem.  The signs of a mild Magnesium deficiency are hard to pinpoint.  Usually seen as a lifestyle factor, symptoms of a busy day – They could be put down to anything really, lack of sleep or dehydrations.

The symptoms of magnesium deficiency include hyperexcitability, muscular symptoms like cramps, tremor, spasms or weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, apathy, confusion, insomnia, irritability, poor memory, and reduced ability to learn.

If you are looking to get a little Magnesium into your body, remember Magnesium is the third most abundant mineral in seawater – so go for a swim.  We absorb magnesium directly through our skin.

Make sure you use these sprays in conjunction with nutritional and heath advice from a trained professional, naturopath, kinesiologist, doctor or alternative health practioner who can give you personalised health information.

TWENTY-8 Magnesium Oil Health Spray

LIFE-FLO Pure Magnesium Oil


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Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger. She is an ITP patient and launched ITP&Me in 2011. She is a coffee lover and a try hard dancer. @meghan_brewster

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