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Spleen Meridian ITP
Did you know that your Immune System is connected to your Spleen Meridian?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has an uninterrupted history of development in China and other parts of East Asia dating back thousands of years. The primary feature of modern TCM is the premise that good health relies on the restoration and maintenance of harmony, balance and order to the individual.

TCM takes a wholistic approach to understanding normal function and disease processes and focuses as much on the prevention of illness as it does on the treatment.

What is a Meridian?

The word ‘Meridian’ can have a number of meanings but what we are talking about here is a meridian associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Very simply put, a meridian is like an engery highway that runs through the body.  There are a number of smaller and minor meridians that run through your body, but we are going to be talking about the Twelve Main or more dominant meridians that are found within every person.

The Twelve Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  1. Lung
  2. Large intestine
  3. Stomach
  4. Spleen
  5. Heart
  6. Small intestine
  7. Bladder
  8. Kidneys
  9. Heart Governor
  10. Triple Warmer
  11. Gall Bladder
  12. Liver

These twelve meridian span the length of your body, sometimes overlapping and crossing as they run from your feet to your throat and into your head.  These twelve main meridians are can also sometimes be refered to as the Principal Meridians.

There is a great deal of information available to you online if you wish to learn more about the twelve main Meridian channels.  I would suggest checking out the Meridian Clock here as well as the Meridian Maps that are available.  But for now we are going to take a closer look at the Spleen Meridian and how it is associated with the Immune System and Immune Function.


I was first made aware of the importance of the Spleen Meridian via a phone call with my older sister.

itp and me, low platelet count, low Platelets, ITP disease, immune system disease, itp blood, immune thrombocytopenia, itp, The Spleen Meridian primarily is involved in metabolising what we eat.  In traditional Chinese Medicine The Spleen Meridian is the flow of energy is in charge of making sure that our body is able to metabolise the nutrients that we place into our body.

While this is very important, think about this.  The Spleen Meridian also governs our bodies ability to metabolise  and process pollutants, environmental energies, stress, shock and even our thoughts and emotions.  Wow.  These process are vital in terms of Tradional Chinese Medicine, where balance is key and medicine is always approached hollistically.  

These are vital functions for our health and sense of well-being.

In addition to governing metabolism, Spleen meridian also plays an important role in the immune system, including the prevention of infections and enhancing their positive ways of protecting and healing the body.

When a Meridian is compromised, the whole body suffers…

While I could not really understand the fine details of Traditional Chinese Medicine by just researching – What I do understand is that the Spleen Meridian is a number one stress head.  The Spleen Meridian is a very vulnerable meridian when it comes to stress and is often the first to become depleted of exhausted when the body is stressed out.  You can read more about it here at Colour Energy Works.


Spleen point 6 ITP
Spleen 6 – Cheat Sheet – Pressure Point

What am I getting at here?

Acupuncture and Chinese Massage are great ways of restoring balance and flow to your twelve Main Meridian Channels, however they can also be a bit expensive.

When I mentioned to my Chinese Herbalist that I was looking for something I can do every day at home she mentioned self massage.  This easy self massage is great for you to do on your own at home without spending a fortune.  Try and massage the whole meridian – thinking about lovely thoughts and being kind to yourself – if you miss all of that – then focus on this one point – Spleen 6 –

What you need to to –

  1. Find a ‘Spleen Meridian Map’ (See Above)
  2. Massage your Spleen Meridian

I have started to include a small amount of self massage into my nightly stretches before I go to bed.  You can also do it while watching TV or sitting at your desk taking a break.  When my Chinese herbalist  first massaged my Spleen Meridian is was crying in pain.  Each place she pressed was tender and tight.  She told me that there was a lot of blockages along the channel and that my Spleen Meridian was struggling, ‘very out of balance.’ she said.

These places along my legs where the Spleen Meridian run are always hard to stretch out and tight after exercise.

Have a go at this easy at home Spleen Massage and let me know how you feel after a few days.  I would love to hear how much it hurt for you to massage your Spleen Meridian for the first time!


by Meg

Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger. She is an ITP patient and launched ITP&Me in 2011. She is a coffee lover and a try hard dancer. @meghan_brewster

2 thoughts on “ITP & The Spleen Meridian

    umar jan says:

    My 4 years old daughter is suffering from ITP, please please hep me to get Chinese herb medicine to control her nose bleeding I am in a tense situation kindly help me. please mail me as soon as possible.
    Umar jan
    Karachi Pakistan

    • Meg says:

      Hey there Karachi, Sorry to hear about your daughters ITP. I found Chinese medicine very effective but also quite expensive. I would recommend taking her to see a Chinese medicine practitioner as soon as you cane. Try the meridian massage mentioned in the mean time. And she should be taking it easy… Lots of movies at home for a while.

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