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ITP is not often in the Media – But when it is, we know about it.

Check out all the latest Newspaper and online articles about ITP here.

Also, we have made a nice list of famous people who have ITP too.

People with ITP, ITP stories, Living with ITP, ITP in the NewsHow a TREATMENT GAMBLE Paid Off, 17 Feb 2015

The story of one patient’s decision to use the chemotherapy Rixtuxin, even though it is not currently approved as an ITP treatment.  After a seven month battle with prednisone symptoms, side effect and withdrawal symptoms, the drug stopped working for Candace.  ‘After my platelet levels plummeted down to 14, my doctors and I had to change the course of treatment.’

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ITP patients, blood disorder, low platelet counts, ITP and People blogs about ITP, ITP blogs.Rare Autoimmune Condition gives TEEN A NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE, 15 Feb 2015

Initially diagnosed with a platelet count of 4, Lynn was given what all suspected ITP patients are given as a first line treatment, steroids.  A story about how life changes for ITP patients who are still going to school, and how it does not all end up bad.  Read more about this ITP patients life at school…

Rixtuxin stories, itp stories, tip blogs, blogs about itp, blogs about platelet disorders



ITP, low platelet count, low Platelets, ITP disease, immune system disease, living with itp.   Famous people with itp, celebrities with itp, low platelet count,
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Real Lives: I could bleed to death from just having a tooth out, July 2 2014

Angela, an occupational therapist for the forensic mental health service in Liverpool, is supporting a new campaign. Launched by The Haemophilia Society, the charity is encouraging everyone to get “Talking Red”, to make women more aware of the symptoms of a bleeding disorder.  Angela has a platelet Pool disorder, which is not technically not ITP but still in our circle of friends.  
people with itp, Treatment for itp, treatment of itp, treatment itp, itp treatments, Side Effects Prednisone, Azaria Allen
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Help for Rare Disorder in US, July 3 2014

When Azaria was 2 she had many bruises on her legs, arms, spine and a black bruise on her cheek, Wendy says.  "She didn't remember getting any of them. Azaria was also tired and falling over a lot."  She had X-rays, CT scans, a bone marrow biopsy, and up to four blood tests a week, as well as emergency hospital visits.  "Azaria was diagnosed with ITP, which is not genetic and non-contagious," Wendy says.  "It is likely a virus caused her disorder."
We have featured an article on ITP and Me on Azaria's Story which you can find here.
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Cross Keys boy has to stop sport as the slightest knock could kill him, June 19, 2014

JACK MCINTYRE used to love judo. But the boy of eight from Cross Keys can't take part in his favourite pastime any longer - a condition developed two years ago means a knock to his head or abdomen could prove fatal.
His father, Mr McIntyre is now raising money for the ITP Support Association and will be running the Cardiff Half Marathon in October.  Follow the link to donate here. 
ITP, blood disorder, Meredith prescott
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What's Your Number? One Number Could Cost You Your life, May 12 2014

Meredith Prescott, Master's candidate of Fordham University, has written an insightful article for the Huffington Post, outlining what it is like to live with ITP and how we can raise awareness and support. After a very successful event, raising over $45,000, I decided to plan my second 5k walk/run this June with another fighter, Linda McGuirl, to find a cure and help rid this world of ITP. Linda and I were both diagnosed at 21, and although we are decades apart in age, we both take strong pride in raising awareness and taking control of ITP. Riding the roller coaster in the world of ITP is so much better when you're not riding alone...Read More. 
will chambers, itp, famous people with itp, itp blood, immune thrombocytopenia, itp, Prednisone, autoimmune disorder, itp blog
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Will Chambers has been cleared of a potentially fatal blood disorder, June 15 2014

The Storm flyer has received the green light from doctors, two years after Melbourne were warned he could bleed to death if he was exposed to heavy contact at training.
The 26-year-old will become Queensland's 179th Origin player if Billy Slater or Greg Inglis withdraw from Game Two on Wednesday night. Peter Badel for the Daily Telegraph Sydney.  


Traveling with ITP, ITP and me
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Helena Woman does not let Auto Immune disorder keep her from traveling the world on her own, Oct 30 2013

In an article written by Peggy O'Neil for the Independent Record, Jamie Harwell speaks out about travelling the world with a platelet count of 30.
This year she will participate in the 31st annual El Tour de Tucson on November 23 where she will pedal 111 miles helping to raise money for ITP, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, which she also has. 
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Phegley thrives after battling blood disease, Aug 26 2012

Charlotte Knights catcher Josh Phegley overcame a serious illness, itp in 2010. Today, Phegley is helping the Knights prepare for the International League playoffs, which begin next week...One day early in the season, a ball was fouled off his thigh, leaving a dark purple bruise.  “Catchers get those kinds of nicks all the time,” Phegley said. “But I wondered about it because I don’t bruise easily.”  The next day, the bruise had spread around to the back of his leg, growing to about 9 inches in diameter.
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Rare blood disorder sidelines Chambers, Jun 7 2012

DESPITE feeling fantastic, Melbourne centre Will Chambers could have died from a rare blood-clotting disorder that has stalled his NRL career indefinitely.
Chambers will be sidelined until he recovers from the auto-immune disorder ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura).  The only symptoms were some red dot rashes that appeared in the 24 hours after the Storm's win against the Warriors on Sunday.
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Australian Open 2013; Jamie Baker makes recovery, Jan 13 2013

After coming through qualifying, Baker wants to create his own fairytale here in Melbourne, and goodness knows he deserves a change of luck. So many of the difficulties he has experienced are connected to the horrific illness he contracted in March 2008, just as it seemed he was about to crack the top 200 for the first time.  Coming back from a tournament in Mexico, Baker found that bruises were appearing all over his body for no apparent reason. Then, when he visited a hospital in Florida, he was diagnosed with ITP.

famous people with itp, ITP, low platelet count, low Platelets, ITP disease, immune system disease, living with itp,
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Actress Lisa Blount dead at 53 from blood disorder ITP, Oct 10 2010

Actress Lisa Blount dead at 53 from blood disorder ITP
 isa Blount, who co-starred in the 1982 drama An Officer and a Gentleman, died Oct. 25, 2010 at the age of 53 after battling the blood disorder Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP).
Not too sure what is happening in this article as the reporter likens ITP to the neurological illness like MS?  'Sources say the actress had complained of chronic back and neck pains, and her mother told police Blount had battled ITP, a neurological illness similar to multiple sclerosis for 17 years.'

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Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger. She is an ITP patient and launched ITP&Me in 2011. She is a coffee lover and a try hard dancer. @meghan_brewster

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