People Living with Blood Disorders?

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This was one of the hardest articles I have tried to write as the information pertaining to the number of people living with Blood Disorders is so difficult to quantify.  There are so many different types of Blood Disorders and even more people living with a disorder without even knowing they have.

Many people are living with a moderate or mild version of a Blood Disorder meaning they do not require regular medical support and intervention – Meaning they may not be included in the statistics collected from research and surveys.


It is difficult to determine how many adults have ITP.
Every estimate of people living with the disorder varies as people are undiagnosed or in remission for five years before getting it again.  it is very complicated.  A research document published in the PDSA website states that the incidence of adult ITP (how many people get diagnosed each year) is 3.3 per 100,000 adults/year. The prevalence (how many adults have ITP at any time) is approximately 9.5 cases per 100,000.  With this number in mind, we can determine that approximately 2,200 people are living with ITP in Australia.

This number is almost the same as those living with Haemophilia.  A lot of the estimates that I read about the numbers of people living with ITP included an assumed amount of patients who did not know they had it or had not been diagnosed.  The numbers are hard to pin point.


estimations of the amount of people living in AMerica with Haemophilia are from this .  How many people have haemophilia in the United States?
As of this writing, approximately 18,000 people are living with haemophilia in the United States right now.  That number comes from the American Haemophilia Foundations FAQ page on their website.  That is 18 000 people of a possible 320 million, making Haemophilia a rare blood disorder.  The Haemophilia Foundation of Australia estimates that Haemophilia affects more than 2,800 people with varied degrees of severity in Australia today.

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Information pertaining to Von Williebrand’s disease is also covered in the Haemophilia Foundation of Australia‘s website.  With four common strains of the disease and a number of different severities Von Williebrand’s diseas is classified as the most common bleeding disorder in Australia.  It is estimated that 200,000 people in Australia, many of which are undiagnosed, who are living with the disease.


Details from the Sickle Cell Anemia place in America. “Sickle Cell Disease affects between 90 000 to 100 000 people in the United States.’

Sickle cell disease is a rare condition in Australia because of our ethnic and racial demographic.  It is most commonly found among people of Asian, African, Caribbean, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern origins.  This makes estimating the number of people with Sickle Cell Disease in Australia difficult.  There are currently no accurate numbers that I could find online.  So… I took the numbers from America (where the numbers are quite high in populations descendant from Africa and the Caribbean) and adjusted them to our population.

It is not completely accurate of course, but it can give you an idea of what the numbers might be like.  If the statistics from America were applied to the Australian population, we would be looking at approximately 6,800 people with Sickle Cell.



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