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Meghan Brewster

Meghan Brewster is the Founder and current Editor of ITP & Me

Welcome to ITP & Me

ITP & Me was created in 2011 as a website to support and inform patients of ITP and their families. This website hopes to offer more than just medical support to patients with ITP but also emotional, lifestyle and daily ITP guidance.  There is so much still to learn about Immune Thrombocytopenia, and so much information out there to share.  There is so much about having this disorder, that doctors simply would not understand. ITP occurs in approximately 1 in every 16,000 adults per year and many of these cases occur in females between 20 – 40 years of age.  No one knows exactly know what causes ITP. It commonly coincides with a viral infection, stressful incident or sickness, when the immune system become over active, it is not always the cause. ITP & Me is an independent organisation and is not funded or supported by Pharmaceutical companies


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