Elementary School goes Purple on Sept 26th

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Article from North Myrtle Beach Times 

School goes Purple for the Day

On Friday, Sept. 26, Ocean Drive Elementary School students wore purple in an effort to raise awareness for ITP. They wore purple tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, jewelry and hair bows. The more purple they sport the more awareness they raise for ITP…There is no known cause or cure for ITP. It’s a growing but little understood health problem. The disease has not generated the kind of publicity, educational efforts or support that other chronic or autoimmune diseases have. The PDSA (Platelet Disorder Support Association) has been working for over 10 years to support families and patients affected by this disorder. In recent years, they have made substantial progress through education, advocacy and research.

ITP Awareness day, sport purple for platelets, ITP raising awareness, itp fundraisingFor many ITP patients this disease is a roller coaster of emotions. ITP has a huge impact on the day to day physical and psychological aspect of their life.
There are only treatments for ITP, which are only temporary fixes to raise or maintain platelets. There is never a guarantee that they will work or the amount of time a treatment will last.

It appears that the school involved, Ocean Drive Elementary has a student that has been affected by ITP. Raising awareness is a positive way for him and his family to cope and raise hope for a cure.

Published on October 2 2014.  Author unknown.


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