Are you Trying to Roast Your Own Beans?

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There is a café down the road from my house that has always had a juicer.  Today I’m writing from inside that very café.  Recently they have got themselves a coffee bean roaster.  It smells amazing.

It smelt just like my oven in Mexico when, for a brief moment, I experimented with DIY coffee bean roasting.  It was a wonderful smell before all the coffee beans inside the oven caught on fire and filled my host family’s house with smoke.

I know nothing about roasting coffee but I thought, ‘Hey, how hard can it be?’  So I googled a youtube video and away I went.  I’m not a professional coffee maker, I had no clue what I was doing. It was disgusting, but I did it anyway because I could.

The Destructive D.I.Y.

It’s tempting to try and do everything yourself, to do things you have no idea how to do.  DIY is everywhere at the moment, people encouraging you to do it all yourselves, to build your own tables, mud brick your own homes, bake your own bread, grow your own veggies, brew your own beer, make your own clothes, keep your own honey bees and ferment your own kombucha.

Just because you can do something yourself, doesn’t mean you should (or have to). Thinking you have to do it all yourself can be overwhelming and stressful. When I roasted those beans, it took a long time and a huge effort for little reward.  The coffee was terrible and I’ll never do it again.

What I’m trying to say is you don’t have to do it all.  You don’t have to roast your own beans.  You are allowed to trust in the wisdom and experience of others.  There are professionals who spend most of their adult life dedicating themselves to mastering skills like coffee roasting and haematology disorders.

You don’t have to become your own haematologist, natural therapist and yoga master.  Tap into the wisdom of those around you.

by Meg

Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger. She is an ITP patient and launched ITP&Me in 2011. She is a coffee lover and a try hard dancer. @meghan_brewster

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