8 Ways to Heal A Bruise (Quickly)

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…And one really dumb way.

Sometimes you just get sick of having bruises. Summer is the ‘Wedding Season’, the ‘Holiday Season’, and the ‘Beach Season’.  The weather is heating up on this side of the globe and the thought of slipping back into a bikini is a reminder of just how many bruises we get.  When I get ready to go out, I walk downstairs and ask my Husband if he can see any of my bruises…

Here are a few ideas to help you heal those bruises quickly and make sure that no one on the beach asks you if you are a professional wrestler.

Number 6 has always worked a treat for me!

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1. Rest Your Bruise.

Resting a bruise will only help the healing process if you know that a bruise is coming.  If you have knocked yourself, and you know you have knocked yourself, the best thing to do is rest the area.

Yes, I know resting is hard and lame, and no one really does it.

Lets move onto number 2.

2. Ice.  Apply a Cold Pack.

Blood runs faster when it is warm.  If you can get ice onto your bruise as soon as possible, it will not only help heal the bruise but will help keep it smaller to begin with.  Any cold pack, ice or bag of peas will help the healing process.

This approach also requires you to know that a bruise is coming.

3. Compression. Keep the Pressure on.

Bandage or tape the bruise.  What you are doing is applying pressure to a wound, to stop the bleeding.  It is exactly the same thing for bruises as it is for cuts, but bruises are harder to see.  Most of us seem to forget that a bruise is caused by a rupture inside us, that needs pressure to be applied.  A bruise is a wound too.

4. Massage.  Move those Muscles.

A bruise is a caused by blood gathering and bleeding under the skin.  Moving your muscles and getting your lymphatic system moving is a good way to move that blood around so it can drain away.  When massaging a bruise, you need to go very gently.  It is not meant to hurt.  Gentle walking is another way to get that blood under the skin moving.

5. Vitamin C. Eat an Orange.

Increase your intake of Vitamin C.  You probably eat very healthy anyway and telling you to take more vitamin C is stupid because of course you eat enough vitamin C right?  Get the oranges!

6. Vitamin D. Get yourself into the sunshine.

Get some sun.  When hemoglobin breaks down, it produces bilirubin.  Bilirubin is what causes that yellowish colour around the bruise as it fades.  The good news is that ultraviolet light in the form of sunlight actually heals and breaks down Bilirubin.  Magic!

If possible, expose the bruise to about 10 to 15 minutes of  sunlight (safe amounts, don’t sunburn) to accelerate the break down of the bilirubin.  It really works!

itp, itp bruises, bruising easily, hide a bruise, Bruises, Bruise, itp, low platelet count,7. Arnica.

While I wanted to include Arnica on this list, I still have many questions about how one might actually ‘take’ it.  Arnica is a naturally occurring flower that has been used for centuries in the healing of bruises, according to the internet.

The only form I could find for taking Arnica safely was in commercially produced tablets, which defeats the purpose of using something naturally doesn’t it?  There is a risk of toxicity from Arnica, which I believe is why so many people online recommend taking tablets, gels or creams (See Number 8).

You can buy Arnica supplements online Arnica Montana Tablets in packs of 3 bottles.

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8. Bruise creams and ointments.

Mostly they just contain Arnica.

Arnicare Gel recommended by a friend of mine and defiantly works.  This is the one I ended up buying, but there are many more to choose from.  These are intended to be applied directly to the bruise and not taken internally.

9. Leeches.

If you are still struggling for a quick fix you could always apply a few leeches.  (Not recommended)



by Meg

Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger. She is an ITP patient and launched ITP&Me in 2011. She is a coffee lover and a try hard dancer. @meghan_brewster

4 thoughts on “8 Ways to Heal A Bruise (Quickly)

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  2. privat_sale@yahoo.com'
    Leila says:

    Leeches, lol! Nice one!

    I’m full of bruises from my youngest child. She is in her the TT ( terrible two ) phase – age. And men! she is kicking like mule when she has tantrum temper. And biting like aligator.
    My arms and legs are covered in bruises.
    And of course it is summer time now beach, swimming , short pants etc..

    My husband is telling me that someone is going to think that he is beating me, with all that bruises on me.

    Isin’t it precious to have a kids!? 🙂

    Anyway thank you for info on arnica gel.

  3. elisefleur@hotmail.com'
    Elly says:

    Hirudoid cream works better than any other cream I’ve come across and I don’t know why it’s not on your list!! Im an IV drug user and I bruise really easily. I just apply it to the bruise a couple of times a day and before I go to bed and more often than not it’s gone in a day or 2. It is made for bruises and swelling, treatment of scars and inflammatory conditions of the veins so it’s perfect. 100% best I’ve found.

  4. massagetherapy9@aol.com'
    Melissa says:

    I hate bruises too! I tripped over a stupid sidewalk and crashed.. YES massage helps! As a massage therapist I’m massaging the area, getting cryotherapy sessions and castor oil packs. You need to get the cold pressed ones at a health food store. It helps with inflammation and taking the pain away… 😊

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