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  • A little bit about you:

Hi, I’m Jeneva from New Zealand and I am 20 years old. I am currently a student at Waikato University studying Geography and Anthropology. I am newly diagnosed with ITP since June 2016.

  • How you were diagnosed:

It all began when I arrived home from university and I was watching a movie with my mum and sister. I began to feel sick, and got up to go to the toilet when I started bleeding heavily. I thought I was having my period, but in the space of an hour, I had gone to the toilet every 10 minutes literally peeing blood. That night was the worst. I had no sleep as I was up every 15 minutes peeing about a cup of blood. I started seeing changes in my body very quickly as I got extremely tired and dizzy, my legs were shaking every time I stood up from being so weak because they couldn’t support my weight, my eyes were blood shot, I began to get ulcers in my mouth, I had multiple nose bleeds, and my arms and legs formed red blood spots and were covered in large, deep purple bruises. These bruises, seven months later, are yet to fully disappear. This went on for four days, because I simply thought I was just having a really ‘heavy period’ and these were just random side effects that I was experiencing. When I realised it didn’t feel right, I decided to call my doctor. Continue reading